Aircraft Repairs


Piston and Turboprop Engine Service

At Ace Aviation, our highly qualified technicians have the training and tools to handle the full spectrum of engine services, including complete overhaul, repair, inspection and routine maintenance. We have worked on hundreds of engines, both piston and turboprop, fulfilling our customers most stringent operational needs.

Every engine is professionally overhauled and restored to factory new specifications and comes with one of the industry’s best warranties. When an engine arrives at our facility, we disassemble it, clean it, perform Magnaflux and Zyglo inspections of all engine parts, and then repair all located defects prior to reassembling the engine. With expert engine specialists along with a superior repair process, we can keep your downtime and costs to a minimum.


Engine Section


Experts in Aircraft Composite Repair and Fabrication

Ace Aviation has been performing major structural repairs on aircraft since 1997. Utilizing the many custom repair fixtures at our facility we maintain original, factory tolerances during major structural repairs. Our team of craftsman is experienced with airframe repairs, installations, modifications and restorations.

We are experts in repairing various types of aircraft with all methods of construction. From licensed carbon fiber repair to custom sheet metal repair, we can restore your damaged aircraft to a pre-incident condition. If your aircraft has incurred damage from corrosion, intense weather conditions, fuel leaks or accidents, let our expert team, coupled with our well-equipped shop deliver an excellent product in a short amount of time.


Luxurious Aircraft Cabin and Interiors

Ace Aviation provides full aircraft  interior repair services. Our interior repair crew assists clients in achieving precisely the look and feel they are seeking in their aircraft interior environment. We carefully and safely remove and reinstall your Interior in a safe, professional and detailed manner.

Services include simple refurbishment or replacement of interior soft goods, replacement or repair of interior panels, seats, or other components.

We use only the finest quality leathers, carpets and other materials all of which are carefully tested and certified to meet the most stringent FAA Requirements.

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